Logging in to Trackinno

Here are the instructions for your first login.

  1. Open Trackinno Mobile application or service.trackinno.com on your web browser.

  2. Set a new password here: service.trackinno.com/forgot.

  3. Log in with your email address and the password you set.

Downloading Trackinno Mobile

You can download Trackinno's mobile application by clicking the links below or by searching for Trackinno Mobile in Google Play Store or App Store.

Instead of downloading the application, you can also use Trackinno by opening service.trackinno.com on your mobile phone's web browser.

ℹ️ Why should I download the mobile application?

By downloading the Trackinno Mobile app you get to use more extensive features than with the browser version. The biggest difference in user experience is made by a feature which enables you to scan multiple tags after another and, for example, check them all out at once. This is not possible in the browser version.

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