Trackinno utilizes QR code and NFC technologies. This means you can use either a QR code or an NFC scanner to scan Trackinno tags.

You can scan either 1) one tag at a time or 2) many tags after another. If you read one tag, Trackinno Mobile opens that asset's information on your smart device's screen. If you read many tags, the application will list the assets you collected.

If you haven't downloaded Trackinno Mobile application, you can also scan QR codes with a third-party scanner. You can find the instructions at the end of this article.

Scanning one tag

Scanning a tag with NFC️

⚠️ If your smartphone supports NFC, ensure the NFC scanner is activated. You can activate it in the same place as WLAN and Bluetooth.

NFC scanner is located on the back of your smartphone. You can locate the NFC detection area by moving the phone on top of a Trackinno tag. When the scanner is found, the tag is scanned automatically and Trackinno Mobile app opens.

Scanning a tag with QR scanner

You can read a QR code by tapping Scan QR on Trackinno's Home view. The button opens the smartphone's camera that you can use to scan the tag. Focus the camera on the QR code, and the scanning will happen automatically.

Scanning many tags after another

Use Scan tags feature to scan many tags after another. You can access the feature from the Home view (see the image above). You can use either QR or NFC scanner for scanning the tags. The collected assets will be listed and you can, for example, check them all out at once.

Scanning QR code without Trackinno Mobile application

With modern Android and iOS devices, you can scan tags using the device's own camera. If you need a separate app for scanning, both platforms have good options in the app store.

When you scan a QR code, Trackinno will open on your smartphone's browser.

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