Locations are places where assets can be located. For example, warehouses, worksites and offices can be locations. Locations can have a hierarchical structure, i.e. they can have parent and child locations.

You can access the Locations page from the side menu.

By clicking the green buttons on the right you can see a list of assets in that location.

Adding a new location

  1. Click New location from the upper right corner.

  2. Select location type from the list (e.g. warehouse or worksite).

  3. Fill in a name for the location.

  4. You can add a user responsible for orders and assets in the location.

  5. Finish by clicking Save.

Location types

Location types are used to determine the tree structure of the locations. The location types will be created for your Trackinno account as part of the commissioning. Later you can add more location types according to your needs.

Adding a new location type

You can access the Location types page from the menu on the upper right corner.

  1. Click New location type on the upper right corner.

  2. Fill in the information and click Create.

Location types vs. locations: Example

Here's an example, where a location type Department and its two child locations Warehouse and Premises are created.

After creating the location types, you can go to Locations page using the side menu on the left.

In the image below there is an example, where two locations with the type Department have been created: Mikkeli and San Diego. San Diego also has two child locations, which have the type Warehouse.

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