Orders are used to manage a company's internal asset orders (for example, from the central warehouse to a worksite). The feature allows you to create new orders, receive orders, collect deliveries and notify the orderer of shortages. The order feature consists of the following steps:

  1. Pending: Creating a new order

  2. Confirmed: Confirming the order

  3. Collected: Collecting deliveries and confirming the collecting is ready

  4. In delivery: Delivering the order

  5. Received: Receiving the order

Orders also have the option of using a return feature. It allows you to make return requests from the field and inventories before storaging. Read more about the return feature in the "Returning an order" article.

1. Creating a new order

You can create a new order by tapping the New order button on Trackinno Mobile's Home view.

Fill in the order's information, such as ordered asset types, target location, and delivery date.

2. Confirming the order

The order's receiver can confirm the order by tapping on the Mark as confirmed button on the order menu.

You can access the order menu by selecting Orders on Trackinno Mobile's Home view (see the picture at the start of this article). Select an order on the list to access that order's menu.

3. Collecting deliveries and confirming the collecting is ready

In the collecting step, the required deliveries are collected to be delivered to the target location. You can start collecting by tapping the Collect button on the order menu. The collected assets can be added to the order by scanning the tags on the assets by using a smartphone or by selecting assets from the asset list. When the collecting is ready, you can tap the Confirm as collected button.

4. Delivering the order

You can mark the order to be in delivery by selecting Confirm as in delivery on the order menu.

5. Receiving the order

The orderer can mark the order to be received by selecting Confirm order as received button on the order menu.

After receiving the order, the order process is complete. If the ordered assets are returned and inventories are made after the usage, you can utilize the returning feature. Read more about the returning feature from the article "Returning an order".

If you have any questions about the order feature, feel free to contact us at support@trackinno.com! We are happy to help. 😊

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