Assets represent the tools, devices, service items and other equipment registered to Trackinno. On the Assets page you can view a list of all your assets and their information.

You can access the Assets page from the side menu on the left.

On the upper right corner there is a List dropdown menu, where you can choose the view mode of the Assets page: list, map, pictures or schedule.

Uniquely identifiable assets vs. lots with a balance

In Trackinno, you can keep track of your single assets as well as lots.

  • Single asset is an asset, that has its own unique identifier (e.g. Trackinno tag).

  • Lots are assets that are not uniquely identifiable. Lots are stored in location X and have a balance Y. This kind of assets can be for example paints and gloves.

This (wether an asset is uniquely identifiable or a lot) can be determined when creating a new asset or in the asset type information.

Asset information

You can click an asset's type on the asset list to view more detailed information about that asset.

After you have opened asset information page, you can edit the information on the left side of the page. After editing, click Save button on the bottom of the page.

On the right side you can view the asset's timeline, calendar, or location on a map view.

The image above also highlights the Use as a template feature. This is a handy feature, if you want to create a new asset that has a lot of the same information as the template asset.

Show assets by category

When you move your cursor on top of the Asset button on the side menu, a side bar showing the asset categories opens. Click a category name to show only that category's assets.

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