Usages keep the asset-specific usage history clear. You can view usages on the Usages page, which you can access from the left side menu.

When a user checks an asset out using his/her mobile phone (Check out feature), a new row (usage) appears on the usage list. This enables you to browse a complete usage history of your assets: who has used assets and when, and what the usage's current status is.

You can also search usages from the usage list using advanced filters. Learn more about Trackinno's filter options from "Filter lists and create your own shortcuts" article.

Usage information

To view one usage's information, click the usages ID or location on the usage list. On the usage information page, you can edit a usage, e.g. add assets to it.

Adding a new usage from desktop

  1. Click New usage on the upper right corner of the Usages page.

  2. Fill in usage information, such as location, assets and start date.

  3. Click Create usage.

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